A New Site; A New Life

As many of my regular readers now, a few months ago I quit my job in law enforcement. Soon after, my wife and I moved across the big blue to Vietnam where we plan to live for the next few years.

With my wife is working as an elementary school teacher at an international school and, as I am not taking on a new job, I have a lot more time to work on my trading and investment views and share this knowledge with you.

I plan to do a lot of work on improving my investment approach and gain a better understanding and process of managing risk. I also want to spend some of my time helping people improve their own investing. This could mean getting people starting with simple low cost index investing in a self-directed investment account. I could also mean taking the next steps to introduce better risk management into your portfolio.

To make this all possible I have been building a new website and blog. This site is where I advertise some services such as financial coaching. I plan to do this on a part-time basis only alongside managing my personal account.

I'm also including a new blog where I will be sharing my ideas from a broader international perspective. This will include weekly updates on the S&P 500 using my momentum model, my thoughts on investing and current markets, what I'm doing in my own account, monthly updates on my investment returns, and so on. Look for more frequent posting on current events with smaller articles.

Check out my new blog and website: