About Daren


Welcome and thank you for visiting my site where I share my thoughts on investing and personal financial management for Canadians.

Background: I am a Canadian who is currently living in Southeast Asia. I was raised in British Columbia and worked in Alberta for nearly ten years.

Personal: I am married to my high school sweetheart and we got married young. We have no kids, we love to travel, and we are allergic to stagnation.

Investing: We have built up a sizeable portfolio over the past 10 years. Through hard work, careful spending, lots of saving, and investment success our portfolio is in the high six-figures.

Style: My investment approach has evolved from individual value stock investing to a much more risk managed approach. I trade risk with a small portion of my portfolio using trend following techniques and leverage. The bulk of my portfolio is in U.S. treasury bonds.

Development: I am always learning and always seeking to improve my approach to investing. Being a successful investor involves trial and error, continuous learning, and a lot of hard work. There is no perfect strategy for everyone at all times.

How to Use this Website

This site should be used as a broad guideline for managing your personal finance and investing as a Canadian. I am particularly focused on tax strategies and maximizing net investment returns and likelihood of success through investment strategy.

Each area of investing is broken down into a type of guide. Come and read the guides, verify how they may apply to your situation, and feel free to use the strategies I talk about.

Personal Finance Guides

Some Notes to Consider

This site is completely free for you to use. I don't have the site covered in advertisements and I keep the site free from distractions and sponsored posts for certain services. This is how most blogs earn money.

Instead, I share a few affiliate links and referrals codes for a very limited number of products and services that I personally use. If you don't need these services, don't worry. But if you are looking to open a brokerage account, if you want to move to low-fee online banking, or you need to subscribe to a VPN service for internet security, please consider using the links and codes I share. This is not a big money maker for me, but it does help cover the costs of running this site.

Affiliate Links and Referral Codes

My Blog and Services

DArends.com is where I blog on personal finance. My blog has a more international view than this site. But I also share lots of great information I find on the web and provide regular market updates.

Over the past several years I have worked to build a unique and highly diversified model for scoring momentum on markets. I share market momentum on the S&P 500 every week for free.

I also provide one-on-one coaching services to select self-directed investors on a part-time basis via Skype. If you have experience investing on your own and you want to improve your process and management of risk in your account, come see what I can offer.

Why the Moose?

I named this website after the moose—a common animal where the grasslands meet the forests. Moose are very unique creatures. Although they hail from the deer family, they are giant in size, have very individualistic temperaments, and are extremely hardy.

Just like you won't often find moose in a herd, you won't find me talking about the same stuff that every other Canadian financial blogger discusses.