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Meet Mr. Rich Moose

Daren is an avid reader, a student of all things financial, and a self-admitted money nerd.

Through smart financial decision making, dedicated saving, and self-management of their investment portfolio, Daren and his wife are climbing their way to Financial Freedom.

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Our Values

Investor Control:  We believe anyone can be successful managing their own money. When you are young, you should take risks, make mistakes, and learn from every mistake. Building your financial experience in your 20s or 30s is much better than relying on pricey, and sometimes dishonest, professional help.

Honest Writing:  We promise our blog information will be honest in every way. This means we will not intentionally mislead you in any way. We talk about risk, our own finances, and our own opinions on topics. We will not discuss products that don't truly meet our values. We will also write posts and share information that is not "advertorial" or SEO focused. We hope that you will like what we write about and share it with your friends so this blog will grow organically.

Thinking Different:  Moose folk think different. We shun debt, we rent because we know houses are overpriced, we save huge chunks of our income, and we take measured risks by investing wisely. Investment shouldn't be based on emotional decisions and "I thinks"; it should be factual, streamlined, efficient, and repeatable.