About Us

Why The Moose?

We chose to use the great Canadian moose as our website mascot because moose are awesome creatures and a great analogy of good financial decision making! There might be nothing more Canadian than the moose. This iconic and gangly King of the Forest is found right across Canada and is unique among deer species. The noble moose live independently and is hugely successful despite their avoidance of safety in numbers. Moose are also very deliberate creatures, making each decision carefully contrary to their, often flighty, deer cousins.

Don't follow the herd, don't make jumpy and flighty decisions, don't commit to mediocrity...

Be a Rich Moose!

Living Like a Rich Moose

TheRichMoose.com is a blog about financial decision making tailored specifically to Canadians. On TheRichMoose.com blog, our writers share their experiences and success with you. We talk about making good decisions about money, taking control of investing, and a better financial future. We don’t believe good investments are overly complex, or need to be costly. Our RM Portfolios are a great way to get started investing at a low cost. Read our blog for regular posts to change your financial future for the better and Live Like a Rich Moose!


Our Values

Investor Control:  We believe an educated person can be financially successful when they control their own money. At TheRichMoose.com we talk about responsible, easy to implement investing that can be successfully used by anyone to achieve great long-term results with minimal stress.

Excellent Value:  Our RM Starter Portfolio and RM Balanced Portfolio are free to follow. Over time there will be a wealth of free information by way of blog posts as well. Costs matter so the products mentioned in this blog will be focused on low cost options.

Honest Writing:  We promise our blog information will be honest in every way. This means we will not intentionally mislead you in any way. We talk about risk, our own finances, and our own opinions on topics. We will not discuss products that don't truly meet our values. We will also write posts and share information that is not "advertorial" or SEO focused. We hope that you will like what we write about and share it with your friends so this blog will grow organically.



Meet Mr. Rich Moose

Daren is the founder of TheRichMoose.com and an avid student of great financial thinkers including Warren Buffett, George Soros, Van K. Tharp, and many others. Daren studied business management and accounting in university.

Through smart financial decision making, dedicated saving, and self-management of his low-cost portfolio, Daren and his wife have accumulated Investment Assets over $500,000 in their mid-twenties. Daren believes his financial success can easily be copied by other Canadians who follow his plan. Read his monthly financial updates, make good financial decisions, and get RICH on TheRichMoose.com!