About Daren


Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog where I share my ideas on finance and investing!

I am a Canadian living in the vast and frigid northern Prairies. Although I don't work in finance or any related field, I am passionate about investing and financial freedom. I have been investing since I was 19 years old, starting with single stocks on the Canadian exchange and now using ETFs, options, and futures contracts in global markets.

I started this blog several years ago to help me develop my own ideas on investing. Writing thoughts down into a legible format and sharing with the public helps me clarify my ideas and subjects them to critique from readers. Blogging has made me a better investor and I hope there's something you can learn from my writing.

Beyond some early college courses I am not formally educated in business, mathematics, or finance. Instead, I strive to take a hardy "no bullshit" approach to money and investing. While the ideas I share may seem somewhat advanced, I can assure you if it's too fancy or too complex I wouldn't touch it.

Please feel welcome to contact me by email and share constructive comments on my blog posts!

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My Approach to Investing

Investor Control:  I believe anyone can be successful managing their own money with a little perseverance, discipline, and big picture thinking. Although I acknowledge it's not for everyone, if you want to be a successful investor you need to control your own money. You must feel the pain of being completely responsible for your decisions and experiencing losses. This is how you develop your own process and ultimately become successful.

Honest Writing:  I promise that the information I write about will be my honest thoughts in every way. This means I will not intentionally mislead you. This blog is for me as much as it is for you. If I can't be honest to you, I will only be fooling myself. I believe that brutal honesty and accountability is the only way to be a successful investor for the long-term.

Thinking Different:  It is said that we hardy Canadian Prairie folk think different. That's probably true. We can't be emotional or careless when the weather can go from +20˚C to -30˚C in days; or we can go from calm to gale-force winds in mere hours. These ideas carry over to a sound, repeatable, but unique approach to investing in a turbulent market. We don't do what everyone else does because we know that doesn't work when it really hits the fan.

Why the Moose?

I named this blog after the moose—a common animal where the grasslands meet the forests. Moose are very unique creatures. Although they hail from the deer family, they are giant in size, have very individualistic temperaments, and are extremely hardy. Just like you won't often find moose in a herd, you won't find me talking about the same stuff that every other blogger discusses.