RM Portfolios Update: December 2017

Each month I share the monthly performance of the Passive Portfolio and Dual Momentum Strategy. I also share the Dual Momentum pick for the current month based on my relative and absolute momentum criteria using Canadian-listed ETFs.

Learn how to design your own passive portfolio.

This Month's Update

RM Passive Portfolio

This month the Growth Portfolio made a small gain. Stay balanced with your new contributions and happy investing!

This is the monthly change of our four ETFs as of January 2.

  • XAW.TO down from $24.88 to $24.87  (-0.00%)
  • HXT.TO up from $33.08 to $33.61  (+1.60%)
  • HBB.TO down from $44.85 to $44.55  (-0.06%)
  • XGD.TO up from $11.95 to $12.44  (+4.10%)

Our overall portfolio was up (+0.66%) this month. There will also be some dividend income paid by XAW.TO. To remain balanced you should be purchasing XAW.TO and HBB.TO with your new contributions. Different re-balancing intervals will produce somewhat different results.

Dual Momentum Strategy (RM Style)

The strategy is up 10.53% for 2017.

Last month's recommendation XEF.TO went down 1.07% for the month.

Current recommendation: XEF.TO (no change from last month)

It's important to give full credit to Gary Antonacci for this simple but effective investment strategy. Check out his site—Optimal Momentum—and read his book to learn all about this strategy before implementing it for your own portfolio.

I am confident that Dual Momentum is a great strategy that's likely to outperform a lazy portfolio strategy on a risk-adjusted basis. If you're afraid of big drawdowns, this strategy may be right for you.

We consider the past performance of just three eligible holdings: XUU.TO, XEF.TO, VSB.TO. The best performer based on specific criteria becomes the only holding for the next month.

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2 Replies to “RM Portfolios Update: December 2017”

  1. Hi, interesting investment strategy. What is your percentage allocation for each? and how did you arrive at selecting these two strategies?

    1. Mr. Rich Moose says:

      The Passive portfolio allocation is exactly as on the Portfolios page. 60/20/10/10. It’s basically a Couch Potato portfolio with gold added as a hard asset.

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