The Rich Moose Makes Some Changes

For the past six months, I've been blogging hard. Three posts a week for six months was the first goal I set for myself when starting With most of the posts averaging 600-800 words, over the past six months I've cranked out more than 50,000 words on finance! Between rough drafts, polishing, changes, etc. that number is quite a bit higher.

All in all, it's been a great experience so far! I've been able to write (which I enjoy and haven't done for a long time before this blog), learn a lot about WordPress, have some good conversations with blog readers, and further educate myself on topics of personal finance.

Blogging is also motivating when it comes to our own finances. Since January, our investment accounts have ballooned approximately $121,000. I'm happy about where our investments are going and I hope you have been similarly rewarded!

Current Blog Statistics

I would like to share some of the stats of the blog so far:

  • Average Page Views per Month: ~1,200
  • Average Sessions per Month: ~500
  • Average Unique Visitors per Month: ~230
  • Average Time per Session: ~4:00 minutes
  • Total Posts: 75
  • Total Page Views: 5,950
  • Repeat Visitors: ~65%

I haven't worked hard to promote the blog so I'm pretty happy with these numbers. I would rather the blog grow organically with readers who return again and again than focus hard on promotion to get a lot of one-time visitors.

That said, I hope when the taboo topic of money come up at work or with friends you are happy to share this blog with them!

Since the blog doesn't cost a lot of money to run (under $100 per year), I will continue to keep the blog ad-free. I've also earned a bit through Questrade referrals which has partially offset the cost of the blog.

Changes to the Blog

I'm going to be changing the format of the blog a little bit starting this month. Instead of three posts per week, I'm going to drop down to two posts per week.

I believe this will change the traffic patterns of the blog. I know people have busy lives, myself included, so I think it makes more sense to have blog readers come to the blog and read one or two pages per session instead of going back for a week or two and reading three or more posts per session.

This should reduce the time of the site to less than 2:00 minutes per session. I think everyone can spare a few minutes twice a week for some ruminant financial wisdom!

The nature of the blog posts are also going to change. Until now, many of the posts are focused on broad topics around personal finance. I try to simplify them for easy understanding, but it can be boring to read about money, saving on taxes, and investing post after post.

Introducing: The Rich Perspective

On Tuesday evenings I will publish a post that's related to current events and how they tie into your finances. These posts should be entertaining to read. They will cover topics like news, politics, research, and business and how they relate to personal finance.

The posts will be modeled after Opinion columns you may read in a newspaper or online media platform. I hope The Rich Perspective will encourage some thought-provoking discussion from readers in the comments section!

Following this week, The Rich Perspective will be posted every Tuesday except the first Tuesday of each month. The first week of the month will still be Update time. I will continue to share our financial picture through Net Worth Updates and convert you to low cost indexing with the Portfolio Updates.

Financial Topic Blogging

On Friday evenings you can continue coming back for posts that dive into personal finance strategies. However, the posts are likely to be a bit longer—often drifting over 1,000 words.

The longer posts will allow me to condense topics that are currently spread across multiple posts into single posts. By sharing longer posts, I hope the strategies I discuss will be easier to follow.

Thanks for supporting the blog! Continue to share with your friends and family and I hope you enjoy this next step for!

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7 Replies to “The Rich Moose Makes Some Changes”

  1. What am I supposed to read now? I have to say I’ve been impressed with the amount of posts you’ve been writing. I’m looking forward to your future blog posts. I’m curious to see how the longer posts would affect traffic, I enjoy the shorter content, with work and kids running around I often find myself distracted, for example some MMM posts take me 3 days to read because life gets in the way.

    1. Mr. Rich Moose says:

      Thanks Danny, it’s a tough compromise. Getting posts under 700 words is really cramming it considering the topics I tackle. I think the end result will be a mixture of longer posts for more complex topics with shorter posts sprinkled in.
      I believe MMM writes posts that often contain 1500-2000 words. Sometimes even more. But he’s also cut his post frequency waayyy down. And he’s FIREd too!

  2. Great job Mr. Rich moose! Any chance in the future you could do a investing workshop with step by step instructions for us newbies? Millenniumrevloution has a workshop but they mix it together with current news and other things and I find it difficult because I feel like I have to sort through it all just to get to the investment part. Wish it was more clear cut.

    Anyway I check your blog on the daily and Iam one of those people who have a lot of time to read and find myself going back to your older blogs while I wait for new ones! 🙂

    1. Mr. Rich Moose says:

      Thanks Katie! Are you referring to a step by step on buying stocks via Questrade or a similar brokerage? Or step by step portfolio construction? Or something else?

  3. Yes, a step by step on buying stocks on questrade following one of your model portfolios. Something a newbie Canadian investor just starting off could follow.

    I know this is a lot to ask for so it’s understandable that it’s something you wouldn’t do till the future when and if you ever run out of ideas for the blog! I know it would take A LOT of time to construct but I feel it would help, as a new investor I feel I understand the principals and the overall big picture but those first few steps is intimidating and some guidance from opening an account to rebalancing would help for example. (Alhough iv already opened an account, just for others maybe).


    1. Mr. Rich Moose says:

      Sure, it’s a big decision to take on self-directed investing. The big picture is definitely the most important part though! Learning trade placements and those elements might sound intimidating but it’s probably as easy as buying coconut oil from Amazon. 🙂
      I would recommend going on Youtube and searching for “moneygeek” “questrade”. Jin Choi has a few fantastic videos up which are step-by-step instructions on opening accounts, placing trade orders, and a few other topics. He’s very savvy with video tutorials and easy to follow.

  4. Oh great, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I will have a look.

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