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Personal Finance (Canadian)

General Information

Finding a Good Financial Adviser (Part 1)

Finding a Good Financial Adviser (Part 2)

Dealing with End of Life Costs for Early Retirees

What's 2.5% Costing You?

Should You Manage Your Own Portfolio?

TFSA or RRSP or Non registered Investment Account

All About the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

Understanding ETFs With Rental Real Estate Analogy

Adjusting for Inflation

Dealing with a Windfall: Lump Sum or Dollar Cost Average

Sharing Finances: Save $15 a Month

Sharing Finances: Stop Fighting About Money

Sharing Finances: What About Separation?

Couples Should Choose Joint Accounts

Maxing Your Canada Child Benefit

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

RRSP Self Mortgage: Non Arms Length Mortgages

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Investing With Student Loan Money

Non Registered Investment Account

Super Tax Efficient Bonds

Tax Efficient ETFs for Lazy Investing

How Investment Returns are Taxed in NR Accounts

Why Bonds Should Go in Your Non-Registered Account

Building GIC Ladders for Daily Spending

Using High Interest Savings Accounts

Taxes & Tax Efficiency

Taxes on Investment Income

Tax Efficient Investing by Account Type

Capital Gains Harvesting

Debt Swap: Save on Tax With Good Debt

Are You Getting a Big Tax Refund?

Escape Income Tax: Central America

Escape Income Tax: South America

Escape Income Tax: Europe & Africa

Escape Income Tax: The East

Home Ownership

Housing: Rent or Buy (Part 1)

Housing: Rent or Buy (Part 2)

Housing: Rent or Buy (Part 3)

Housing: Rent or Buy (Part 4)

Basic Moose House Purchase Rules

Financial Evaluation of Home Ownership vs. Renting

Moose Math Rent or Buy Calculation

Should You Really Trust Your Real Estate Guy?

Goldilocks Housing

Where the Good Folk Rent

Invest or Pay Off Mortgage

Why House Prices Can't Keep Climbing

Saving Money

Start Saving Young

How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?

Why My "Gold-Plated" Government Pension Sucks

Designing a Retirement Savings Plan

Why You Should Reverse Budget

Using Questrade to Automatically Save

Consume Your Debt: It's Holding You Back

Be a Ruthless Spender

Save First and Save Young

If You Won the Lottery Tomorrow

Importance of Personal Money Management

Great Rewards Require Great Sacrifice

Is Early Retirement Unattainable?

Online Brokerages

Why I Choose Questrade As My Online Brokerage

I (Partially) Switched to Interactive Brokers

National Bank Direct: Free ETF Transactions

Investment Strategies

Complex Trend Investing Systems

Long & Short Trend Systems

Long/Flat Equity Trend Systems

Long Trend System on Other Equity Indices

Trend System on Other Assets

Leveraged Barbell Investing

Leveraged Barbell Portfolios

Why Leveraged Barbell Portfolios Win

Leverage: Not as Scary as You Think

Exaggerated Tracking Error Fears of Leveraged ETFs

Even a Little Leverage Goes a Long Way

Risk Mitigation with a Barbell Portfolio

Improving Portfolio Re-balancing

Dual Momentum Investing

Dual Momentum: Easy Trend Investing

Updating Dual Momentum

Evaluating the U.S. Stocks Component

Evaluating the International Stocks Component

Evaluating the Bonds Component

Dual Momentum: Can I Use an All-World Fund Instead?

Dual Momentum: 6 Month or 12 Month Lookback

Dual Momentum: Changing the Assets

Dual Momentum: Why It Beats the Index

Dual Momentum: Analyzing the Drawdowns

Dual Momentum: Relative or Absolute Momentum First

Testing Dual Momentum in Japan

Testing Dual Momentum in Australia

A Better Look at Dual Momentum Fragility

Trend Investing

My Macro-style Trend Investing Strategy

Simple Trading is Good Trading

Tools to Determine the Trend

Are Moving Averages Financial Sorcery?

Everyone is a Speculator

Risk Management for Speculators

Forget About Investing in Good Deals

Risk Management: The Key to Trading

Risk Management: Position Sizing Using Average True Range

Risk Management: Position Sizing Using Percent Risk

Risk Management: Position Sizing with Breakout Systems

Risk Management: Position Sizing with LEAPS Options

Traditional Positions Compared to Using LEAPS Options

Passive Investment Strategies

New Vanguard All-in-One Portfolio ETFs

Investment Portfolio Components

ETF Growth Portfolios for Canadians

ETF Retirement Portfolios for Canadians

Transitioning to a Retirement Portfolio

Dividend Investing: Easily Beat the Market?

When Dividend Investing Fails

Should You Currency Hedge?

I Like Gold, You Should Too

Investment Risk

Managing Investment Risk in Retirement

Understanding Risk vs. Volatility

Are Stocks "Too Expensive"?

The Everything Bubble

Embrace Losses to Win Big

Handling a Market Downturn

Lifecycle Investing for Reduced Risk

Bonds... Or Safe, Reliable Assets