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In turn, if you are thinking about using the following services, please consider using my referral links. It helps me cover some of the costs of running this website and you get some perks too!

Online Brokerage: Questrade

Questrade is a fantastic Canadian online brokerage. They are my preferred brokerage for investors who are starting out with smaller accounts, investors who make regular small contributions to their accounts and invest in ETFs, investing in registered investment accounts, and investors who appreciate a very user-friendly trading platform.

When opening your new self-directed Questrade account, enter the referral key 606614022378192 while completing your account application. If you deposit money into your new Questrade account within 90 days of your application, you will receive up to $250 from Questrade. In addition, Questrade will cover transfer fees from other brokerages up to $150.

Online Brokerage: Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is arguably the most powerful, lowest-cost brokerage in the world when measured fairly on all aspects. They have ultra-low commissions, their margin rates are the most competitive available, their platform is amazing, and their trade execution algorithms are second to none. They also offer commission-free ETF trades for a limited number of ETFs on the U.S. exchange.

A unique part of IB is they offer a 50% share of short lending profits to account holders that have fully paid stock and ETF positions without any limits on your ability to sell those shares. IB might be the only brokerage where you can share in a major profit centre for them without taking on the risks. IB also offers unmatched currency exchange rates and provides access to a wide range of global markets.

IB my preferred brokerage for serious investors. They should certainly be considered first for non-registered investment accounts and investors who use options and futures contracts, but if you trade a little more frequently or use options in your investing, than they are also a great choice for registered accounts.

Unfortunately IB does not offer any sign-up perks to people who are referred by existing clients—probably because they don't have to in order to attract great clients—but if you sign up for an account at Interactive Brokers using my affiliate link, I will get a small bonus.

Daily Banking: Tangerine

Tangerine is my preferred Canadian bank chequing account. Tangerine has extremely low costs including no account fees, no transaction limits, and free email money transfers. Everything with Tangerine runs through their smooth website and slick mobile banking app. In addition, you get full free use of Scotiabank's ATM network (including 7-Eleven store ATMs) and the Global ATM Alliance network.

When opening your new Tangerine account, enter the Orange Key 55884598S1 during your account application process. If you deposit at least $250 in your new account within 60 days, you will receive a bonus of $50 from Tangerine. This could be in addition to other current offers listed by Tangerine at the time of your account opening.

Secure Internet: NordVPN

NordVPN is possibly the best VPN provider in the world. NordVPN is easy to use and a must-have for internet connection security if you do any banking or investing on public internet connections. A VPN also great for obscuring your connection for certain services that are location based, such as video streaming sites. With NordVPN, you can make it appear like you are connecting from any one of dozens of countries around the world.

When purchasing NordVPN using my affiliate link, you get access to an offer for NordVPN's services for as little as $3.49 per month for 3 years. One subscription will allow you to protect up to six devices at a time, including smartphones and tablets.